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Creative solutions to everyday apps

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App development

We build applications for Android phones and watches. Our goal is to deliver creative solutions and unique user experience on everyday software.


User feedback oriented

We listen to what our users have to say. After all, their experience is what really matters. Any and every suggestion is appreciated and has the power to enhance our products.


Made with passion

Think, code, test, release and repeat. It never gets boring.


Android Apps


Smart, creative and easy to use.

Our apps are carefully designed to deliver a unique user experience with exclusive functionality.

Paletta 2.0

Meet Paletta, the most convenient color splash experience, edit your pictures in seconds using our AI powered palette generation. Watch the video and see it for yourself!.

Android Wear


Reimagining ways to tell time

Unique expression of time and related data at a glance. Choose a watch face to match your everyday mood and style.

Weather Watch Facemore_vert


Weather Watch Faceclose

A material design watch face to track your day with location based weather and forecast.
Wear 2.0 ready.

Orb Watch Facemore_vert


Orb Watch Faceclose

Android wear 2.0 watch face, including the new complications API to suit your needs. 18 color options and 2 modes.

Pi Watch Facemore_vert


Pi Watch Faceclose

Elegant watch face, supports the new complications API to suit your needs. Also compatible with Android Wear 1.X
18 color options.

Eclipse Watch Facemore_vert


Eclipse Watch Faceclose

Animated Watch Face inspired by the solar eclipse, with customizable glow color.
Only for wear 2.0

Clock Watch Facemore_vert

Free Download

Clock Watch Faceclose

Watch Face inspired by the Android clock icon, with customizable background color.Compatible with all Wear versions.

Material Classicmore_vert


Clock Watch Faceclose

Watch Face optimized for Android Wear 2.0 to work thought complications. You can also choose ANY color for the clock, background and watch hands

Also compatible with Wear 1.x.


The PiFox Lab has its own projects and products, but we can also develop applications and solutions for you or your company. Just send us an email and we will reply fast.

The computer scientist André Pechio is our main Android and Web Developer, with a solid background in programming and design. Passionate for new technology, mathematics and application development.